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How to Clear WhatsApp Data Storage on iPhone

Method 1: Copy WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android via Backup In order to meet users' demand like data transfer, many messaging app are featured with auto-backup nowadays, let alone WhatsApp. Hence, it's highly possible to move WhatsApp content to another mobile phone with backup feature. Step 1 Transfer selected WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android Click your iPhone and view the WhatsApp contact names, select any of them, go to top toolbar and then click transfer Messages from iPhone to Android. (Or you can just right-click the contact name and choose Transfer Messages with this Contact to Android) Step 3 Here is a simple step-by-step guide of how to use iTransor to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android: Step 1 Install iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer and launch the program. Choose Transfer WhatsApp between Devices on the left in the main window Connect both your iPhone and Android device to your computer using a USB cable. On your Android device make sure you launch the USB debugging tool. On AnyTrans click on Social Messages Manager option from the side pane and then choose WhatsApp. Now click on 'Android to iPhone' option

Open WhatsApp on iPhone and log into your account. Navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. Select the Back Up Now button to start backing up current WhatsApp Data. Download and install WhatsApp on your Android phone Method 3: Can We Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via Backup? This is something that a lot of people ask who wish to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. In a nutshell - no, you can't. Let's explore why this cross-platform solution won't work. It is a common misconception that we can transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to. Easily transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android using Dr.Fone Step 2: Connect both devices to your computer using USB cables. After that, the program should detect the devices. Go to the WhatsApp tab and from the options provided, choose Transfer WhatsApp messages With ChatStorage.sqlite selected, make your way to the top-right section of the screen and click the extract icon. It will extract your Whatsapp chat conversations to C:\temp. Now to extract the media backup of your WhatsApp conversations, under Display Name scroll down and click on net.whatsapp.WhatsApp

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How to save your chat history - Your WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up and saved daily to your phone's memory. Depending on your settings, you can also. How to restore your chat history - You can transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone by restoring from Google Drive or a local backup. Restore from a Google Drive. Click on Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android on the toolbar. You can also select this option by selecting and right-clicking your iPhone and choosing it from the menu. If you want to transfer only some conversations there is an option for individual transfer. Select the iPhone and select your WhatsApp contacts one by one WhatsApp data and media can be transferred from an iPhone to an Android, without spending a penny. Read on to know how exactly to do that Many people use WhatsApp for personal and business conversation and sometimes you need to create a backup of these chats in case you accidently lose it. So, in this article we have shown you how to export WhatsApp chat on iPhone and Android

Copy your WhatsApp conversation backup file into this folder. Now start WhatsApp on your new phone and verify your phone number. On the other hand, If you'd like to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone then you might find Quora discussions helpful: 1 There is a open-source software called WhatsApp Android To iOS Importer for Mac users. It is currently available for Mac users only, and it doesn't transfer WhatsApp media files & shared locations from Android to iOS Steps to move WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android by clicking once: Step 1. Launch the program and select Restore Social App on the home screen toolkit. Then connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable The WhatsApp restore feature becomes useless when a user tries to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone or vice-versa. The issue arises due to the incompatibility of Google Backup with iOS..

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Step 1On your iPhone, launch the WhatsApp App and then go to Settings > Chat Settings on the interface. Step 2Select the WhatsApp chat messages you want to transfer from iPhone to Android and swipe the pane to left. Then you need to tap on More button and choose Export Chat. After that, you would be asked Whether to attach media or not Email iOS/Android WhatsApp Chats to Android If you only need to send several important chats from an old device to an Android, you may consider just sending chats history via emails. It is the most direct and simple way to transfer WhatsApp chats to another phone. Emails could transfer almost all types of files 2. Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer+. As the name suggests, this is a tool that primarily focuses on transferring WhatsApp data between Android and iOS devices. Along with transferring WhatsApp data across devices, it is also ideal for backing up WhatsApp data on the Android or iOS device to your computer In conclusion, this article summarizes four solutions to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android. Including the way via FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore, Email, Backup. On the whole, FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore is the best choice that will meet your needs to transfer all WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android in one click To transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iOS, you could also download a program on your computer that would allow you to safely and fully do this process by only following these simple steps: Step 1. Download and install dr.fone - Backup and Restoration (iOS) on your computer

[Solved] How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

3.Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone via Backuptrans. Another software Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer + also works perfectly. With it, you can either transfer all WhatsApp messages at one or only WhatsApp chat history with a subset of contacts. Features of Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer + 1 When a new iPhone comes out, there is no doubt that many Android users may tend to change their Samsung or Huawei to new iOS device. However, there is an important question: how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/X/XR/11 ?Today, we will tell you the detailed solutions of this inquiry Simply create your backup restore on your mail account in android and simply on your mail account in iphone. It will automatically restores chats and calls etc. when you open whatsapp

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Download dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer: http://bit.ly/2lXssHm freely transfer WhatsApp data between iPhone and Android. S10 giveaway page: http://bit.ly/2SZKnZ7. WhatsApp is popular with users around the world. WhatsApp Messenger seems to be an indispensable app on our phone. However, when switching from iPhone to a new Android, how can you transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android phone? We can backup WhatsApp chats via iCloud, but it would not work with an Android phone Transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhone and Android. Data is secure during WhatsApp data transfer, backup & restore. Free Download Free Download. Watch Video Tutorial . How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC/Computer. Alice MJ. Sep 01, 2020 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions. 0

How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android (2019

2020 Guide - How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone

If you don't know, WhatsApp broadly runs on two distinct platforms. This is the main reason when android users want to shift their data to the iPhone, they need to ensure that the WhatsApp conversations aren't disturbed as well. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through some simple ways to transfer data between IOS and android Exporting your complete WhatsApp Chat with an iPhone is quite easy and consists in two steps: 1) First you use the native WhatsApp function to create a .zip file containing your complete chat. 2) Then you can choose which app you want to use to either send the .zip file of your chat via email or to upload it directly to the cloud. For the second part we will cover the three most common options. Transfer WhatsApp History from iPhone to Android with iCloud. One great thing about WhatsApp is you can always backup your history including chat messages, contacts, profile pictures and media sent through the platform. It allows you to backup every day, every week or even monthly Learn how you can transfer WhatsApp chat history from your iPhone to your Android. Download the program for your PC or Mac from here: https://www.easyphonere..

There's a way that allows users to transfer WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android. Wondering how to do that, follow our step-by-step guide. Before moving with the steps, it is essential to know that looking at the complication, the process is not that easy or straightforward and might be time-consuming Step 8: Transfer WhatsApp chats from database to your Android. If you want to transfer absolutely all of your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to your Android phone, then right-click on the database you've created in the step 3 and choose Transfer Messages from Database to Android option After following the steps, all your WhatsApp conversations are stored in your Gmail account or Google Drive. How to restore WhatsApp chats on Android phone. After you install WhatsApp on your new Android smartphone, log into your account using your registered number. You would find a prompt by WhatsApp, giving you the option to restore your chats WhatsApp is the preferred messaging app for more than a billion people and transferring all the files and conversations you've accumulated there safely is vital. With MobileTrans WhatsApp transfer, you can move your files between Android and iOS devices reliably How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android Directly Step 1: Tap on Download to free download EelPhone Restore Social APP in your Window or Mac, install it by following the installation guide. Launch it after installation, from the home interface of the tool, what we need is EelPhone Restore Social APP, click on it without hesitation

Video: 4 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

How To Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. If you have an iPhone and want to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new Android phone, you can back up your WhatsApp chats to iCloud. However, WhatsApp can't read iCloud backups on Android, and there's no option for it to do so when you install and set up WhatsApp on the Android device How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New iPhone/Android Phone. WhatsApp users are in internet connection by sending messages images, audio and video to other numbers. Nowadays almost everyone has a WhatsApp because of features like group chatting, attachment sharing, location tagging, and voice calling This will article take transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phone as example with an iOS WhatsApp to Android transfer tool. Need an WhatsApp transfer tool from iOS to Android I have lots of WhatsApp chats on my old iPhone

In a word, those 5 methods are all worth trying to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android. From an objective perspective, the 1st program - iPhone WhatsApp Transfer is the best to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android because it is simple to operate, easy to transfer between different types of devices, and fast yet safe Nice to meet you, I'm Frankie your guide on Messagingapplab.com. Today I'll explain how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone. Whether you are using iPhone or Android phone, this guide is will educate you on how to backup and restore WhatsApp messages. You can simply continue your chats from where you stopped Though there is no official way to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone or vice-versa, there are some ways that can help you overcome the hurdle. Head over to take a look at the possible ways and try them to export your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone Now, you might plug both of your iPhone and Android device to computer with 2 USB cables. Step 2. Choose Transfer WhatsApp messages option. Now, please select Transfer WhatsApp messages option to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android. Make sure both of your iPhone and Android device are connected successfully How to Copy WhatsApp Photos & Videos from iPhone to Android. Step 1.Run Program and Select Transfer Mode Run iOS WhatsApp Transfer on your computer.Then click and select More Tools.After that,you will have four options.Select iOS WhatsApp Transfer,Backup & Restore and click the Install button to install this tool

Hassle-free to transfer all WhatsApp chats from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, etc. Apart from WhatsApp, it can also backup and transfer Line, Kik, Viber and WeChat messages. Supports to export backup data to computer, or preview and restore the backup data to a device Learn how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone easily. Best 3 ways to copy WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS 11 or iOS 10 devices Uninstall Whatsapp on your Android device. Open Whatsapp on your iPhone and log in using the desired account. Tap Restore and wait until it is completed. Method 2: Using dr fone. Your Whatsapp may contain important conversations and files. That's why for some people, transferring data is something to worry about, even though they have.

On Android Phone: Open your Android phone. Run WhatsApp Messenger. Click on Chat Settings. Tap on Backup Conversations and wait until you get the backup fully. Go to Chat Settings again and Email Chat. When you are done, uninstall WhatsApp. Remove your Sim. Now go to your iPhone. On iPhone: Plug your Sim card into your iPhone WhatsApp on Android. WhatsApp claims over a billion users. The company has client apps for all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, yet 73% of its user base are Android users. Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp was an iOS exclusive for way too long. Now it's time to go Android Dr.fone can help you transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to android or from android to iPhone easily. Thanks to its Restore Social App, you can easily create a backup of your WhatsApp chats and history on your new device. 3] The steps involved to transfer WhatsApp from iOS to android include. Connect your devices (iPhone and the Android phone) Let's check out how to use iCareFone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore to transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone. Step 1. First of all, download & install iCareFone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer on your Windows computer. Step 2. Now connect both of the smartphones to the computer and open the iCareFone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer WhatsApp messages between Android and iPhone. Backup WhatsApp conversations to PC and restore them later on any smartphone. Restore messages from iTunes backup. Export WhatsApp messages in different readable formats such as Word, TXT, XML, HTML, PDF, etc Transfer your whatsapp Conversations from Android to iPhone - EASY METHODS. How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages between Android and iPhone. How do I transfer from Android to iPhone More Guideline. When you look a way to transfer WhatsApp messages or chats from one Android to a new Android phone, here are a few tips you can you check out for complete and safe WhatsApp migration. In addition, this transfer app supports 2000+ Androi devices Easily Transfer iPhone WhatsApp Messages to Android on Computer Got lots of WhatsApp chat messages on your iPhone and want to transfer them to an Android Phone

4 Methods to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhon

WhatsApp very well understands how precious chats are to us and hence there are a couple of ways of how we can move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone in a few moments. Let's get started. Also Read: How To Lock Your WhatsApp With FingerPrint Or FaceID on iPhone. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone. Method 1: Via Softwar Bonus Tip: How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. If your WhatsApp data accidentally missing without backup, you can easily get them back through the above two methods. However, backing up regularly is still a good habit. Here we will introduce AnyTrans, which is a quick and safe way to copy WhatsApp from Android to iPhone or computer WhatsApp offre la fonction Sauvegarde, vous pouvez l'utiliser pour transférer les conversations WhatsApp iPhone vers Android. Voici le guide en détail. Étape 1 Sauvegarder les conversations WhatsApp sur iPhone. Ouvrez WhatsApp sur votre iPhone, touchez Réglages > Disc. > Sauvegarde > Sauvegarder maintenant Are you finally making the switch to Android, or coming back after being away for a while? Well, when it comes to WhatsApp, it's not as easy as just restoring from a backup on your iPhone. Here's. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps. But it's a pain if you need to move from iPhone to Android and want to keep your chat history rather than losing them all. We show you how to.

When you get a new iPhone and transfer your WhatsApp account to it, your messages and files won't come along. In this case, AnyTrans can help. Whether you're moving from an Android phone or old iPhone, you can migrate WhatsApp messages together with all photos, music, videos, and files sent and received, in just one click Here are some cool features of TunesBro WhatsApp Transfer which make the transfer WhatsApp chats from Android To iPhone an easy job: Features:-Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone or vice-versa. Backup WhatsApp conversations to PC and restore them later on any smartphone. Restore messages from iTunes backup

Copy the folder whatsapp to your system by using copy [source] [destination]. Step 2: Transfer WhatsApp backup to Android phone. Connect your Android device via USB to the PC. Copy your WhatsApp conversation backup file into this folder. Step 3: Restore WhatsApp data from backup want to test this method from this lin How do i move my whatsapp conversations from iOS to android? Dear all, I am having an issue at the moment in which I couldnt find a reliable answer on the best way to migrate from iOS to Android (and carry all the emotional baggage of the Whatsapp messages accumulated on my iPhone) - Is there a surefire way to get this done efficiently and quickly WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. With over a billion downloads, WhatsApp has really taken over the instant messaging app. WhatsApp is basically used to share messages, images and audio mails between friends, families and colleagues 4. Restore WhatsApp conversations by restoring the whole iTunes Backup to iPhone. Create an iCloud Backup for WhatsApp on your old iPhone. The first solution in our list involves the use of the iCloud to save your WhatsApp conversation and restore your messages on your new iPhone. Step 1: In your old iPhone, open WhatsApp. Navigate to. If you are still worried about leaving your WhatsApp history behind, worry no more! Here are the steps on how you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone with no hassle. How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that makes communicating to a whole new level

And this works becomes more severe when you are switching from Android to iOS powered iPhone or vice versa. Restoring WhatsApp data to iPhone which was actually backed up using Android Smartphone is quite easy. One can simply Restore WhatsApp Data from Android Phone to iPhone with the various procedures that will be mentioned here Part 3: Move WhatsApp from Android to Android with Google Drive In addition to SD card, you can transfer WhatsApp conversations to new phone via Google Drive as well. It is more convenient and does not ask extra hardware

5 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

  1. 3) Move to iOS Speaking of WhatsApp message transfer software programs like Move to iOS leave no stone unturned. Being a reliable WhatsApp transfer tool, it is a wonderful solution to transfer message history, mail accounts, calendars, web bookmarks, and contacts, from your Android device to an iPhone over Wi-Fi within few clicks
  2. Transferring all WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android; For this, you need to check device list, and find and then click on your iPhone. Now go to top toolbar and click transfer Messages from iPhone to Android. Transferring selected conversations from iPhone to Android; First of all, click your iPhone and view the WhatsApp contact names
  3. WhatsApp, as one of the most popular social networking apps around the world, is increasingly important for our life. When switching to to a new iPhone from Android, we usually need to transfer WhatsApp from old phone to the new one.. The problem is that what if you lost your iPhone and can only get access to your previous WhatsApp messages via iCloud
  4. On Android, long-press the conversation, and on iOS, swipe from left to right on a chat. 12 useful WhatsApp features you didn't know existed Email entire conversations
  5. Import WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android. To import your WhatsApp conversations to Android device, you will need an app called WazzapMigrator. It costs $3.38 on Google Play Store. It was also available as a Lite (free) version of this app, but it seems to have been removed from the store a while back
  6. How to Migrate Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone. Download and install the PC version of Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer tool from this link.If you're on Mac, download it from here.; Make sure the WhatsApp app is installed on your Android phone and verified with your mobile number.; Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap the Back up button

How to Move WhatsApp Chat History from iOS to Android

I made the switch from iPhone 5S to Nexus 6 three days ago. I transferred WhatsApp conversations including attachments from my old iPhone to new Nexus 6 with the help of BackupTrans, the desktop utility mentioned in this article.Here are the steps to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android with this software Exporting your WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android using email One way, which isn't great, but means you at least have a record, is to email yourself your chats This is a message from a new Android user. According to his demand, we are going to post a guide on how to transfer WhatsApp conversation from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S/S6. We will turn to iOS WhatsApp Transfer. This program enables you to back up iPhone WhatsApp messages and restore the backup to iPhone/iPad/iPod and even Android

This is a popular and free method to spy on WhatsApp conversations without the victim being aware. When correctly applied, you can read every single chat on the cell phone of the victim, whether that is Android or iOS. Now there is some bad news. Despite it being so popular, not many people manage to find success with this method due to the. C. WhatsApp Backup and Restore on iOS/Android by MobileTrans. If you switch phones between Android and iOS devices and hope to backup your Android/iOS WhatsApp and restore it to another smartphone, you should try MobileTrans. MobileTrans is a powerful software that lets you backup Android WhatsApp and restores it to your iPhone and vice verse Email WhatsApp Chats on iPhone. Follow the steps below to Email WhatsApp Chats On iPhone or iPad. 1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Once you are in WhatsApp, tap on the Chats tab from the bottom menu (in case you are not already on Chats screen) 3. On the Chats Screen, find the Chat that you want to Email and slide from the right side. Method 3: Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone. Transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone is very similar to the Android method above, except that you'll backup to iCloud rather than to Google Drive. Step 1: First of all, make sure that you're signed into iCloud on your iPhone, and that WhatsApp has permissions to use iCloud

WhatsApp FAQ - How to save your chat histor

After the restoration is done, simply restart the iOS/Android device and launch WhatsApp again to get access to all the conversations restored from the source phone. Last updated on Dec 26, 2019. 7. Once the download is completed, open WhatsApp > tap on Agree & Continue.. 8. On the next screen, select Country, enter your Phone Number and tap on Next.. 9.If prompted, verify your Phone Number by entering 6-digit verification code sent to your Phone Number.. 10. On the next screen, tap on Next button to start the process of Restoring WhatsApp on your New Android Phone Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer must be the the best WhatsApp migrating software which lets you transfer WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iPhone on computer with ease How to move your account from WhatsApp Messenger to the WhatsApp Business ap Question: Q: Whatsapp migration from Android to IOS After years of waiting, I just bought an iPhone (apparently the best in the market) and realized I can not transfer my chat history from Google Drive backup of WhatsApp to this device

WhatsApp FAQ - How to restore your chat histor

  1. WhatsApp Transfer has been a hot issue, since WhatsApp is now a smash-hit instant messaging app available for Android and iPhone users. Almost every day we use WhatsApp for social communication or business contacts, so there must be tons of valuable WhatsApp conversations that you want to come along with you when you are moving over to a new phone
  2. Then open the whatsapp_xtract_iphone for iPhone or whatsapp_xtract_android for Android. The HTML file from the database will be opened and open it on a web browser to see your Whatsapp conversations. How i hope you can backup Whatsapp conversations on your computer easily
  3. 2. Restore WhatsApp Backup to New Android Phone Install WhatsApp on your new Android, then log in with the same phone number and Google account. After that, you will be prompted to restore messages and media from Google Drive. Solution 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone Free. WhatsApp allows iPhone users to back up and restore.

Whatsapp Transfer is an innovative software (for PC and Mac) that allows you to transfer Whatsapp Chat from one device to another, from iPhone to iPhone, between iPhone and Android devices or between two Android smartphones. Whatsapp Transfer does not require jailbreak on the iPhone and/or root permissions on your Android device. WhatsApp Transfer Features Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android. I have tested dr.fone message transfer myself and I was able to easily transfer WhatsApp data from my Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android without any hiccup. All you need to do is follow the steps below. Note: I have used my Windows 10 PC to use this software Despite being available for both Android and iOS platforms, WhatsApp does not offer any cross platform support. However, this might soon change and its parent company, Facebook, might soon offer. WhatsApp is a communication app for Smartphone which is currently available on iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, and Symbian mobile phone. This app enables users to send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and videos for totally free making it very popular among smart phone users Again, you cannot transfer the app itself from iOS to Android. To use WhatsApp on your Android device, you have to download the Android version of the app. You can however, transfer WhatsApp data and such as the chat history and attachments to your Android device. The following is a step by step guide on how you can do this

How To Transfer your WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp for iPhone packs a lot of nifty gestures and features up its sleeve. Here are the best 12 WhatsApp Tricks for iPhone to use it like a pro Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn't allow users to switch backups between smartphone OSEs. So, a Windows 10 user can't restore o an iPhone, and an iPhone user can't do so on Android. This can act as a tether when wanting to switch operating systems, especially as the longer you hold on to your phone, the more messages build up If you would like to recover your saved (backup) messages on WhatsApp at your Android or iOS device, you can do it easily. We are going to tell you how to do that on here. If you would like to recover messages, you will need to backup them. You can get information on How to Chat Online about how to backup your conversations on your device I'm having real issues in transferring my whatsapp history from iPhone to Samsung. The whatsapp history will back up automatically on iCloud and that's great if you're just changing your iPhone to another iPhone. If I want to 'restore' my messages on the Samsung then I can only do it is if the back up done on to Google Drive

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WhatsApp for Android has the built-in feature to create a local copy of your chats and conversations on the phone's storage. See how to backup WhatsApp chat history on Android phone. After that you can find the backup files from Internal storage/WHATSAPP/Databases or sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases if your data is not stored on the phone's interna It is not simple to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to an Android phone. When we ask for one tool for help, all is simple at this time, we can move WhatsApp messages from iPhone to HUAWEI in several clicks, no need of professional knowledge, do as what we said blow To recover lost WhatsApp messages, you can connect your iPhone to computer and restore it from the backup using iTunes. Method 3: Extract WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Backup. Restoring from iTunes backup would wipe your current data with those in the backup. What if you have added new data to your iPhone, or worse, your iPhone is damaged or lost [3 Easy Ways]How to Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone to Android. Apps (2 days ago) Restore Social App is recognized as the most efficient way to import WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, also to iPad/iPod touch/Android devices. Aside from iOS WhatsApp transfer, Restore Social App can also backup other social networking data, like LINE/Viber/Kik/Wechat chat history in just one click 4 Methods to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Apps (5 days ago) Yet the Move to iOS app does not support the transfer of WhatsApp data presently. Not just that, the encoding on both devices is different. That is why there is no native solution to take WhatsApp backup on Android and later restore it on iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger (iOS) Download - UptoAppThese are the new emojis that WhatsApp has just got - AppsWhatsApp - How to use new quote-reply feature in your iOSHow To Use WhatsApp From The Desktop

Top Ways to Export WhatsApp Chat from iPhone & Android

  1. How to transfer old WhatsApp chats to your new - NextPi
  2. Three Easy Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhon
  3. 4 Methods to Move WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android
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